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What can we do for a better planet ?

  • Up to 80% of a vehicle can be recycled, Just call us - we will adives you how to recycle your car
  • Try and fix your vehicle instead of throwing it away.
  • Sell unwanted vehicles.
  • Report abandoned vehicles to your local authority for removal.
  • Engine oil can be recycled - don't throw it away

Vehicle Recycling

If you wonder what happens to your car once it is removed to be recycled. Here is some explanations:


They haven disease, fill up landfills and eventually break down into chemicals that penetrate our ground. When recycled, they go through a curing process called Vulcanization, Where sulfur is added to the rubber making the tire easy to break down and shred mechanically. Once the rubber is broken down to assorted sizes it can be reused by many different industries. Tires can later become Tire-Derived Fuel, used in Civil Engineering projects for things such as erosion control or in landscaping, or used as rubberized asphalt on roads and running tracks.

Car Fluids

One gallon of motor oil can contaminate one million gallons of water and antifreeze can kill aquatic life if it breaks down. Used automotive fluids contains high levels of heavy metals like lead which can cause nervous system damage to humans and animals. You should prevent this by recycling. Antifreeze, windshield fluid, and transmission fluid can all be reconditioned to become a new life product. Motor oil can be used as an energy source in power plants or used in the petroleum industry.

Auto Bodies

Every year enough cars and trucks are recycled to produce about 13 million new automobiles each year. The steel found in just six recycled cars would be enough to build a new house using steel framing. When you get rid of you vehicle, it goes to a facility that has the means to properly recycle the scrap into reusable steel!

Car Batteries

Vehicle batteries are full of hazardous acids that if not recycled properly could cause serious health risks. Reusable materials are separated from each battery such as Plastic, Rubber and Lead. The battery acid is neutralized and cleaned and released into the water supply.

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